Express Design Concept Delivery!

The idea to give away simple and cheap designs was born with a specific aim: helping startups to obtain the identity through developing logo ideas over a weekend. The price tag is low for work from a high profile company like that ($1580, approximately) but this is an affordable sum for a small business starting to stand firmly on its feet. The earned profits are spent by Art. Lebedev Studio on new furniture, computers, shelves, and other useful odds and ends.

Even some ‘black PR’ is still a PR, right? After receiving the created designs, some of the clients were not satisfied, to put it mildly. But instead of complaining or starting a useless quarrel with the studio, they just posted these masterpieces online to find out the community’s opinion. Such scandalous design concepts collected tons of likes, shares, and comments. The most well-discussed were the logo ideas for Belorussian burger place ‘JohnFedor’ and bakery called ‘Bulochnaya’ (translated from Russian as just ‘bakery’).

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